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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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connors is here with how local businesses are preparing for the rush of visitors. rosemary? >> jacqueline and jim, sightseeing tours in philadelphia are eager for the convention crowds this summer. it will be an opportunity to do some extra business and to show off all the city has to offer. >> everybody hold on to their hat. >> reporter: with the tom down, visitors aboard big bus tours in old city get a bird's-eye view of independence mall during their trip. the crowd today are manageable but during the last week in july it will be all hands on deck. >> in light of the fact with the dnc we've stepped our game up way, hired more guys than ever, more sales staff. >> if you look to your right, you will see the national constitution center. >> reporter: eight of big bus tour's double deckers are booked every night of the convention. >> we're looking forward to the dnc which we think will be a great opportunity for people to take advantage of our products for them to tour the city and learn what philadelphia is all about. >> so far so good.
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>> reporter: big red pedal tours is geefring up for the convention adding a fourth pedi cycle to its lum in july. >> it's a big deal for our city and for us. >> welcome to the walking tour guide. my name is ian. i will be your tour guide today. >> reporter: private parties are starting to book dnc week with the constitutional walking tours philadelphia and the guides are ready for them. >> philadelphia is a legacy of hosting historic events ranging from the first continental congress back in 1774 at carpenters hall to today. >> the tour guides will barely get a break before this summer's democratic national convention. right now they're wrapping up their school field trip season which brings hundreds if not thousands of kids to philadelphia every day. i'm rosemary connors, nbc10 news. >> and this is a live picture of the wells fargo center, the home of the democratic national convention. the dnc got the keys to the wells fargo center over the
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weekend. the question now, which candidate will be the nominee. the new jersey primary is just six days away and it could put hillary clinton over the edge today. jon bon jovi and cory booker both gave their support. today clinton focused on donald trump and the new york lawsuit filed against trump university. >> this is just more evidence that donald trump himself the a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> clinton finished her speech by saying she's going to philadelphia and win in november. as for bernie sanders, he's concentrating on california's primary, also next tuesday. there you see him live right now at this rally in palo alto. earlier today the vermont senator tackled the fracking issue and said his opponent is weak on combatting fracking. within the last hour, new poll numbers reveal how close
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the democratic race is in california. the nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows hillary clinton is clinging to a narrow lead over bernie sanders. the former secretary of state carries 49% of the vote to the vermont senator's 47%. new information about the murder of a 78-year-old man we first reported as breaking news yesterday at 6:00. investigators say 78-year-old joseph daly was beaten and strangled in his home on theodore street and his blue 2003 ford van is now missing. here's a picture of it. the twoer re rear doors are pai white and it has pennsylvania plates. there's a $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of daly's killer sxwroop a deadly gas station shooting rattled a burkes county neighborhood. witnesses say at least 18 shots were fired overnight at the gas station. some of the bullets went into nearby homes. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal joins
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us live in redding with more on this shooting. randy? >> reporter: it appears this victim was shot while sitting in his pickup truck in this gas station parking lot, the gunman firing so many shots bullets went across the street into these row homes, some of those rounds entering windows. police say 49-year-old carl walker was targeted as he sat in the gas station parking lot not far from his home. the unknown shooter unloading a hail of gunfire, waking up the neighborhood as bullets went flying. >> like 18 consecutive shots. in fact, my son was sleeping and it roque okay with him up. >> joanne wagner lives across the street where some bullets broke windows lodging into row home where is young children were sleeping. and it's far from the first time she's had to duck for cover. >> many years ago, right through my window, into the wall, and like five seconds before that, i was right here at the front door. >> reporter: police are still
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looking for the gunman, but the victim shot multiple times died as his friend rushed him to the hospital. and a gas station customer standing in the wrong place at the wrong time was also hit in the leg, but he is expected to survive. >> several rounds that had been fired, making an effort to determine if there's more than one shooter. >> reporter: redding police are using surveillance video to track down possible suspects. >> in our opinion, one shot is too many in the city. you have a condensed community which is an example of some of these rounds hitting some row homes. >> shouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen. but it does. >> reporter: a close call for those neighbors. just glad nobody sleep inside these homes was injured or killed. meantime, police are still working on a suspect description. live in redding, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. we have new information just in on an off-duty police officer who fired at a driver in north philadelphia late last night.
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within the past few minutes vogts told us that driver reached for a gun before the officer shot back. they also say that was after the driver knocked the officer off his motorcycle. he then took off and dragged the officer down the street. when the officer walked up to the car. the officer was not seriously hurt. the driver turned himself in this morning. >> now is the time to take advantage of the weather and enjoy maybe some lunch outside. nbc10 at rodney square today in wilmington where dozens of people had lunch from all those food trucks out there. >> meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with our neighborhood forecast for tonight. hopefully many more evenings to enjoy dinner and lunch outside. >> yeah, i think so. for tonight, though, there are a few spotty showers around. most of the area is dry and still warm. we could see some patchy fog developing overnight, though. here's a live look out at center
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city. different than what we had most of the day. we had one shower move through philadelphia, maybe some lingering sprinkles but overall still warm outside. 82 degrees in philadelphia. south winds giving us that warm air and it will continue to stay warm as we go overnight tonight. also, don't forget your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen with our new neighborhood weather. live look at the radar. it looks dry until we zoom in. then we have one shower that we've been keeping our eye on here especially for lower montgomery county. that's the one that has sparked the flood advisory. it's really the only shower that we have right now in the entire area. so it just shows you how hit or miss they are today. it's right around 476 and the p.a. turnpike. it's starting to die down a little bit with gwyneth township seeing the heaviest of it. the light green around maple glen and white morristownship. the flood advisories till 7:30 because we could see minor
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flooding possible up to about one inch of rain in the heavier spots. we'll keep our eye on this the rest of the evening. philadelphia, 60 degrees tomorrow morning. still warm and mostly dry. then thunderstorms before the weekend. we'll take a look at that forecast coming up. one of our bridges is off-limits tonight. the burlington bristol bridge will close from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. crews are in the middle of a three-night construction project building warning gates. tomorrow night the bridge opens only one lane. target is gearing up to open its first center city store next month. the retailer set a july 20th date. the first store is in the 1100 block of chestnut street. the storm will also have a pharmacy and a starbucks. the second location a 1900 chestnut street, won't open until october pap third store planned for pennsylvania salve expected to open next year. a philadelphia man landed
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behind bars not because he dated a 17-year-old but because he's accused of taking naked pictures of her. today police arrested 26-year-old antoine hall. officers say he sectioned and videotaped his girlfriend. not only is he charged with what was on his phone but also what was on the cloud. >> he decides to take out his phone and record a live act, and you're basically creating child pornography. she's 17. >> police say the girl's mom contacted police when she learned of the relationship. arrested again. a bucks county woman behind bars for a third time in just more than a year in connection to an insurance fraud case against her. prosecutors say claire risoldi intimidated witnesses in the ongoing case, causing inappropriate subpoenas to be issued looking for information on witnesses. she and members of her family are accused of bilking an
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insurance company for false claims after their manor caught fire three times in a span of five years. dozens of strippers at an allentown platinum plus club will get some money. 30 dancers filed a suit two years ago claiming they only worked for tips and often worked manier than 40 hours a week. a federal judge must approve the settlement. musicfest, a huge concert in the lehigh valley revealed its "a" list singers for the summer. bentley, run-dmc, lady antebellum a few of the headline headliners. it runs from august 5th through the 14th in bethlehem. it is the largest music free festival in the united states. next on nbc10 news at 6:00, a field of dreams for children. the million-dollar gift just to get things off the ground. ryan howard benched. is this the beginning of the end for the phillies' struggling star?
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and more warmth tomorrow. some thunderstorms before your weekend gets here. part of the weekend will see some rain.
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and an unusual sight at an airport hangar in chester county. a plane crashed right through the walls. investigators say the two-seater plane lost altitude just after takeoff at the new garden flying field. the pilot and the passenger went to the hospital for minor injuries. [ bleep ]. this was the scene on the boardwalk in wildwood friday night. investigators say several people who appear to be teenage boys were involved in this big fight captured on cell phone video then shared on social media. police believe underage drinking off the boardwalk was likely a factor in this and other fights over the weekend. cops say they are cracking down. >> we're putting additional officers on overtime on the boardwalk. we're putting additional officers plain clothes under cover out on the streets. we're actively going to try to be invited to your party.
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>> police are still investigating this fight but say they have no suspects and no one has come forward as a victim. new at 6, it's a million-dollar promise aimed directly at kids in camden. >> today sports figures, hospital ceos and community leaders gathered to launch camden health and athletic association. cydney long explains. >> reporter: the power of organized sports, family, and a so-called field of dreams is coming to a playground near you in camden. >> this is not just an athletic association. this is going to be a health organization also. >> reporter: cooper university health care chairman george norcross called on the best of the best sports figures and hospital higher-ups to partner on creating the camden health and athletic situation. cooper, together the with the norcross foundation and amerry health are donating a million dollars to start. >> these kids don't have good eating habits. they are struggling.
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a lot of them are coming to school hungry. >> philadelphia 76ers are definitely going to be a big part of this. >> reporter: right now $2 billion in new commercial development to include the 76ers training facility is changing camd camden's skyline. those corporations will be asked to donate. lit mean playgrounds, parks and pools won't just be renovated but made start of the art. >> in some instances where they're not in place, they will be built. >> reporter: how it will spill into those neighbors and what kind of change will they see? >> so, you know, gangs live to when things like this association do not exist. >> reporter: organizers are promising that every child in the city will be touched. in fact, if you live in camden, check your mailbox. by next week, you'll have something in there asking you to get involved. founder of north camden's little league, ryan morton, calls it an announcement that will help him sleep tonight a-game changer that will diversify sports and create scholarships to change lives. >> i want to see a day when
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there's regla cross, regular field hockey. >> time to share with your mom or your dad about the game, about life. >> reporter: from camden, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> that pool looks great, doesn't it? >> i know. and more smiles on those kids' faces. >> awesome. >> good to see that. good weather for the swimming and outdoor activities. >> good weather today and tomorrow. it won't be as hot tomorrow. i think that's a good thing. here's a live look at citizens bank park right now. we have the clouds around so we did have some rain that moved into south philly, made its way across partings of center city and into montgomery county. and that's where we see it right now. but most of philadelphia is on the dry side, maybe a few sprinkles here and there. still warm outside. a live look at center city. the dark clouds are still at least in part of the view. not everywhere, though. we are watching in montgomery county, it is weakening at the moment so, if you are watching about ten minutes ago you would have seen this heavy shower
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through parts of lower montgomery county. it moved through philadelphia and really this is the only one we have on radar. the rest of the area is fairly dry. so if we kind of just stop the radar, you can see how much it has lightened up. the green is showing us lighter rain. norristown, kind of on the edge of the lighter rain, gwyneth township as well near 476 and the p.a. turnpike. in this area, since we hid did have heavy rain, that didn't move far while because there's not that much motion with it, flood advisories until 7:30 so still a chance we could %-+ñ soe minor flooding in some spots. should not be a big issue but that was one shower we were keeping our eye on. now it's kind of dying out. neighborhood temperatures mostly in the eighty but some arias cooling down. odessa in parts of newcastle county, kenlt county coming in at 78 degrees, marshallton, 82. closer to the beaches in sussex county inland we're in the low 80s along the beaches here. rehoboth beach 72 degrees. should be similar to that
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tomorrow. 71 in dewey beach, 72 in bethany beach. that's an east wind and that's what we'll have tomorrow through the area. it will be warm, just not as hot as today with that east wind cooling thins off a bit. future weather keeps us dry overnight. fog forming overnight too. tomorrow clouds arnold. tomorrow night showers approach from the west. we'll watch that closely. starting off friday, expect scattered showers, maybe some thunderstorms that could last through the day friday too. by 11:00 a.m., showing in south jersey and delaware. the model will be updating as we get close sore we'll keep you posted on that. looks to be clearing as we go through the afternoon and evening friday. tomorrow, though, upper 70s for melville, 70 degrees for wildwood along the shore. 79 in trenton. philadelphia around 80 degrees. delaware, temperatures mostly the upper 70s there. pennsylvania suburbs mostly the upper 70s. allentown around 77 degrees tomorrow. and your weekend forecast of
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course as we go into friday, there you see those showers and storms around, 80 on saturday. that's a dry day out of the weekend. then the rain returns again as we go into sunday. john? sheena, thanks. we'll hear from ryan howard and pete mccannon.
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hey, i'm john clark from comcast sports net. ryan howard is heing to the bench. manager peete mccannon says he's
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sitting three or four days least. joseph will start all those games against right-handed pitching and pete said tommy could possibly win the job. ryan batting just .154, 7 for his last 73. he was an mvp, rookie of the year, world series winner, one of the top sluggers in the game. but this could be the beginning of the end for him here in philly, and it's always tough to see. >> i told howie, i said i'll give him three or four days off to clear his head. >> my head is fine. my head is fine. like i said, it's one of those things -- i get it. i get it. >> we had a great conversation. he's -- of course he's not happy with it, but he's -- he was very mature about the whole thing. >> if you're going to be happy with someone like that, you might as well pack it up and go home. >> reporter: this is the last year of ryan's contract. if tommy joseph is productive, ryan could become a bench player. >> i'm going to do my best to keep dha from happening.
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you can sulk or do something about it. >> reporter: the big piece is owed $35 million in salary and buyout. he says he will not be retiring. >> no, i'm not going to quit. no, i'm not going to quit, man. that's not -- that's not in the vocabulary. >> ryan is handling it with class. no bryce harper again for the nationals tonight. phillies have acquired jimmy pa reeds. marlon byrd suspends 162 games for performance-enhancing drugs again. it's his second offense so bye-bye-byrdie. frank wright clarified his comments about the quarterback situation. he says sam bradford is the starter. he says carson wentz and chase daniel must compete. frank says sam has been great in workouts. take a look. receiver nelson aguilar going into his second year with the birds. his rookie season was disappointing. he suffered a high ankle sprain midway through the season,
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missed three games and it seemed to affect him. >> no excuse. i make my plays. end of the day, my body was what it was, but i need to make more plays and i was given opportunities and now i'm on to this year and my focus is to prize every possession i get. >> you can tell he's back healthy. caught a little short one today and the way he caught it, got vertical, that's the nelson i'm used to. i'm optimistic about him and so is everybody else in the room. he thinks he has something to prove but he's taking it in stride. >> something to prove. i like that.
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well, here's your ten-day forecast. tomorrow, 80 degrees. a few more clouds, maybe early fog in the morning. friday, showers and storms. saturday looks fine. by sunday we see some more showers and storms coming back. no heat wave in the forecast. we should stay right around 80 degrees as we go into most of next week. so not looking too bad. just half your weekend looks better than the other half.
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>> not hot. >> not too hot. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. tonight an emergency on campus. a deadly shooting at ucla. police on full tactical alert. students barricading themselves in classrooms, hodding doors closed with belts and cords as panic spreads. a mother's desperate plea for help. her son plunged into the gorilla enclosure at the zoo. 911 calls shedding new light on a national firestorm. trump university bombshell. former employees calling it a fraudulent scheme that pushed staffers to prey upon the struggling and the elderly, taking their money and, quote, selling false hopes and lies. potentially defective air bags, the same kind linked to a string of deaths. th l


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